10 Fun and Easy Ideas for Backyard Fun

Kids love being outdoors and they love running around. Here are great ideas for backyard fun. Perfect for a party, or for your kids and their friends to play.

  1. Hula Hoops. Get about 5 of them at a dollar store. Lay them flat in a pattern you choose and tape them together. Have the kids run over them with their foot touching inside each hoop.
  2. Buckets and Hackey Sack Balls. Buy buckets at the dollar store and set them up. The kids have to toss the Hackey Sacks into the buckets. You can make it as easy or as difficult as you wish. Easy would be that they have to get one Hackey Sack into any bucket. The most difficult would be that they have to get one into each bucket. Moderate difficulty would be they have to get it into one specific color bucket that you tell them. You can adjust it this way for the different ages of kids at your party.
  3.  Have a bucket for each child. Fill them with water (colored water is fun). Approximately 10-20 feet in front of each child have an empty water bottle. Give each child a Water Bomb Ball. They have to soak it in the bucket of water and run to fill their water bottle. They’ll have tons of fun and get wet in the process.
  4. Water Balloons are always fun in the summer.
  5. The kids will love our Octopus Ring Toss.
  6. Blow up a bunch of beach balls and have them try to keep them in the air without touching the ground.
  7. For a little quiet time, have them decorate their own Bug Jars.
  8. Have a sand box? Bury a bunch of Dinosaur Figures. Give each child a slotted spoon so they can Dig for Dinos. They’ll love it! We have lots of other figures here.
  9. Make a Sprinkler out of a pool noodle.
  10. Playing Paddleball never goes out of style.

All of the items you purchased can then be put inside their buckets and they can take them home. Games and Goody Bags all in one! Can’t beat that!

Comment with your ideas, we’d love to hear them!

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