5 Reasons to Look Forward to Heading Back to School

Not everything about heading back to school is bad. Go ahead, get excited, the following are the 5 things we are guessing you are most looking forward to as the initial school bell rings.

Dressing in that Fantastic First Day Outfit

Half of the fun of the first day at school is showing off a fierce outfit you have saved up for all summer. Walking through the school doors appearing composed, chic, and confident is an indescribable feeling that you would not trade for anything!

Rocking that Perfect Backpack

Getting a brand-new backpack is a key part of back to school shopping. You will be sporting this accessory all year; therefore, we do not blame you for spending hours mulling over which brand and style best suits you.

Showing That Summer Tan off

After a hot, long summer, you have an excellent tan and a few new features to show off in your looks. Whether that be a new haircut or double piercing, you cannot wait to head to school to show all of your friends how much you have changed over the summer.

Having all those Amazing School Supplies

Another favorite part of school shopping is grabbing the best school supplies. From a functional, yet adorable lunch tote, to the cutest little pencil pouch, you are all about the accessories. It is a great feeling as you sit down in class then pull out a few sharp pencils and new spiral notebook.

Getting Through “Syllabus Week”

The initial week of school really should be referred to as “syllabus week” because all that you do the first 5 days is read what you will be doing all year. It is your favorite week of the year because typically, homework is minimal and you’re pretty much stress-free.

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