5 Ways to save money on your child’s birthday party

A child’s party doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are some tips to get you started.

Use generic plates and napkins. You can buy a package of 100 paper plates at a supermarket for about $1.99. Fancy plates cost that or more for just 8 plates. The kids don’t care what they’re eating off of, and it winds up in the trash. If you are having a theme, consider using just a tablecloth or centerpiece that goes with the theme.

2. Make your decorative items stuff the kids can take home with them. By doing this you get more bang for your buck, and you’re not throwing away the leftover decorations.

* Spread Rubber Ducks all around the tables. They are very popular right now. At the end of the party, let the kids choose the ducks they want.

* Put Florist Foam in buckets or bowls, cover with Easter Basket Grass (available year round at craft stores), and stick fun lollipops into the foam. Makes a fun centerpiece, and the kids can bring home lollipops.

* See tip #4 below.

3. You don’t need elaborate food. Kids really don’t care about the food.

pizzaboy* Pizza is very inexpensive.

* If the kids are old enough, you can do Create Your Own Pizza, or Create Your Own Tacos. Not only will it be the food, it will be an activity for them.

* Cupcakes are very easy to serve.

* Kids love Create Your Own Sundaes

. Plan activities where the kids can bring the items home.

* Toss Hackey Sack Balls into buckets. Have the same number of buckets as you have kids. At the end of the party, each child gets a bucket and they can collect their items. Now you don’t need a separate Goody Bag. They can also take home the Hackey Sack Balls.

* Have a Hula Hoop Contest. Buy enough hoops for each child, have the contest, and they get to bring it home with them.

* Always be on the lookout for Clearance Sales and use your imagination. See Ceramic Mugs on sale? The kids can make Candles in them to bring home. Now they have a Candle and a Mug for very little cost to you. See fun T-Shirts on sale? The kids can make pillows out of them.

. In warmer weather you can have your party in a park. Be sure to check with your town to see if you need a permit. Bring fun park items like hula hoops, hackey sack balls, potato sacks, bubbles, and more. Kids don’t always need structured activities. They’ll have fun with the fun toys you provide for them.
Kids have fun when they have something to do. My motto is to over plan the activities, but don’t plan to do them all. Start with the ones that cost you money. Then, have a few backups in case you have more time and nothing to do. Your backup could be as simple as a coloring book and crayons. Tear out the coloring pages and let the kids color.

Leave a comment with some of your tips. We’d love to hear!

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