6 Surprising Ways To Save $$ On Your Next Museum Trip

Kids love museums! They have fun while learning, and learn while having fun! Admission can be costly, however, so we’ve outlined below 6 ways to save money when visiting.

  1. Check with the Museum to see if they offer Annual Membership. Sometimes the membership costs less than 2 visits, and may be worth it for you. And, if they have a Reciprocal Program with other museums you’ll get into those for free. You may also get free parking passes with membership which can be a savings of up to $15 per trip.
  2. Ask Grandparents to buy membership as a gift for your family. Your kids probably have enough toys to last them awhile. Grandparents will appreciate giving them memories to last a lifetime.
  3. Check with the Museum to see if they have Free Days. Sometimes they’ll have one day or night of the week that is free.
  4. If you are a member of AAA, see if they offer discounted tickets.
  5. Some libraries have Passes that they lend to cardholders. See if yours offers this perk. If they don’t, suggest it to them.
  6. Bypass the gift shop. Partypalooza has Goody Bags that are perfect for Museum Trips. Give them to your kids on the car ride home and they’ll be super happy. They’ll be ecstatic! Here are some suggestions.








To sum up, the more money you can save on a Museum visit, the more money you’ll have to visit other museums! There’s so much fun and learning, you’ll want to see them all.

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