7 Tips To Create A Tattoo Station

Kids love Removable Tattoos! Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when having a Tattoo Station at your party.

1. Have a bunch of tattoos. It’s best to have at least 2-3 per child so that they have a nice selection and can take more than one.

2. Enlist a teen to help out. That way you’re free to tend to the rest of the party.

3. In advance, rip full size paper towels into quarters. Then take those quarters and fold them in half and then half again. They’re now the perfect size for applying a tattoo.

4. Have a bucket or bowl of water for wetting the paper towels.

5. Have a small trash bin or bowl for trash – the plastic from the tattoos and the wet paper towels.

6. Set the tattoos out on trays so you can spread them apart. The more kids you have the more trays you’ll want so several kids can look at once. Keep the trays away from the water because if the water spills on them, the tattoos can get ruined.

7. After the child chooses a tattoo, remove it from its plastic bag and peel away the plastic covering. Wet the folded paper towel. You want it to be fully wet but not dripping. Have the child put the tattoo face down where he wants it. Take the wet paper towel and hold it firmly on the tattoo. Rub back and forth a little to be sure there’s good contact. If it’s an older child you can instruct them to continue, a younger child will need more help. After about 30 seconds, peel it back a little to see if it adhered. If not, press a bit more.

A Tattoo Station is a great addition to any party. The kids love them, and it keeps them occupied for a bit. They’ll love showing off their tattoos to each other and the adults at the party.

Here’s a cool video with instructions. Have fun!

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