8 Tips to Create Your Own Fabulous Goody Bags

At Partypalooza we sell awesome Pre-Made Goody Bags for Kids. They’re not just for parties, they can be for any occasion:

* A fun end to a museum trip

* Beach or Pool trip



* Have in the car for long car rides

* End of season Soccer Parties

* Baseball and other Sporting events

* Sleepover Parties at your house

We love our Goody Bags and we hope you do as well. Perhaps, though, one of ours doesn’t strike your fancy and you want to choose your own items. Here are some tips to help you design your own.

1. Choose a tall item such as Stickers, Stationery Sets, Paddleball Game or a Clapper. This will add height to the bag.

2. Choose a few items that will add weight to the bag such as Hi Bounce Balls, Water Toys, Playing Cards.

3. Choose an item that will add bulk to the bag such as Water Bomb Ball, Plush Animals, Bungee Balls.

4. Aim for between 5 & 10 items depending on your budget.

5. Choose items based on age of the kids. Kids under age 8 or so prefer quantity over quality, so you can get a bunch of inexpensive items. Kids age 8 or so and older prefer quality over quantity, so you might want to choose fewer items, but more expensive ones.

6. Consider where and when you’re giving out the bags. If you bring them to a beach for a party and plan to give them out during the party, a whistle is not a good idea. Only the lifeguards should have a whistle.

7. Candy or no candy? Personal choice, but consider that many kids have food allergies and won’t be able to enjoy the candy.

8. Place the items in the bag with the taller ones in the back, the flatter ones in front of them, and the bulkier ones in the very front. Consider the size of the bag you’re using when choosing the items. We have a variety of bags and containers.

Goody Bags are fun and kids love fun! Whether as a Birthday Party Favor, a reward for doing well, or something to keep the kid busy, they come in very handy.

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