Best Road Trip Snacks for Kids

In this post, we have a few fantastic tips for road trip snacking and eating for every age:

Individual Portions: Purchase snacks within pre-packaged portions. It’s an excellent method of ensuring kids aren’t over eating and restricts the mess a large bag might make.

Know your own family: Organize yourself and pack the snacks the kids love to consume.  My family likes beef jerky, but we just eat it when we’re on the road. Now isn’t the time to offer something new.

Pack Drinks: If you’re going to offer dry snacks, it’s always better to pack drinks.  The only beverages you should permit in your vehicle on a road trip is water. It is so much simpler to clean a water mess up, versus soda or juice.

Clean their hands: If kids are consuming snacks using their hands, they must have a way they can clean them. I like hand sanitizers and they’re all over my car as I travel.

Bins/bags for trash: We always make sure to pack some plastic trash bags inside the snack bin’s bottom.  There are so many uses for these bags other than merely places to hold garbage.

Pack Smart: Buy a container which works for you.  We’ve utilized everything from a plastic bin to a soft-sided cooler for the snacks.

Here, the list could go on forever, yet here are a few of my favorite ideas for snacks:

  • Dried fruit
  • Peanut Butter Crackers
  • Trail Mix
  • Beef jerky
  • Pre-portioned popcorn
  • Boxes of raisins
  • Pre-portioned baby carrots
  • Clementine/cutie oranges –makes your automobile smell FANTASTIC!
  • Pre-portioned grapes
  • Individual cookie/cracker snacks

Partypalooza has some amazing Beach Sandal Gummy Treats sure to please the kiddos! Take some time to prepare ahead of time on your following road trip with some of your favorite snacks.

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