Good Pranks to Play on Friends

A good prank is a tried and true hoax, practical joke and trick that has been played on both family and friends! Below is our top 4 prank list:

Palms Down

Tell your friend that you have a good trick to show. Place your hand palm-down upon a table and balance a glass of liquid upon the back of your hand. You can bet your pal that they cannot balance a glass upon both hands at one time (assist your friend in putting them in place). Just as soon as you have your glasses balanced on your friend’s hands, stand and walk out. They’ll be trapped and are going to have to spill in order to escape.


Take some eggs from somebody’s fridge and hard boil them. Next, place them back inside the refrigerator. This works well while camping, only do a couple if you want some for breakfast!


All that’s needed is some fishing line and a rubber snake. Tie your fishing line around your snake then connect the opposite end of your line to the interior of a cupboard or anything which will open and close. Set it up so that as they open their cupboard/door the snake is going to jump out. Or just set it up so that it drags across the floor while everybody is watching television!

Weight Problem 

If you’re able to get precisely the same clothing as your target except collect them one size smaller – swap out with the original! One other favorite includes cutting the cotton of a back seam in somebody’s blue jeans a couple of times for split pants! Be ready to FIX or replace though!

If you are looking for more prank ideas and want to try a few of your own, check out this Partypalooza Fun Bundle. There are lots of great items in this Fun Bundle. Play tricks or spy on your friends!

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