Goodie Bag Tips for your Business


Businesses will promote their services or products in various ways. Utilizing goodie bags that are filled with promo items often is an excellent method of reaching out to prospective customers.

Audience and Location

Before determining which items to place into the goody bag, consider where the bags are distributed and who’s receiving them. Goodie bags include popular giveaways at sponsored events, job fairs, and trade shows.

Budget Ideas

Getting goodie bags ready on a budget is easy. There are several cheap and small items which can be bought in bulk to place inside a goody bag. Some of the items include mints, candy, toys, book marks, magnets, note pads, key chains, and pens. If possible, your business logo and name ought to be printed on these items.

Contests or Coupons

To sweeten your goody bag, add coupons or potential for winning a contest. Give consideration to printing numerous coupons out for an item discount, a free service or item or additional promo offer. Putting this item inside the goody bag increases the opportunities of the recipient buying something from your company. If goody bags are passed out during a one-time event, think about having a contest. A ticket, or another type of I.D., is included with every goody bag. At the day’s end, a drawing can be held for a prize. This prize might include anything from a gift card to a gift that isn’t associated with your business, like an MP3 player.

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