Having a Holiday Party and kids are invited? There are some challenges to address in advance. Here’s a set of tips arranged by the age of the kids at your party.

INFANTS – Generally, Mom or Dad will be holding their infants the entire time. If you have a dark, quiet room where the baby can be put down to nap, let Mom and Dad know. Setting up a portable playpen would be a great help. If you have or can borrow a baby monitor it would be much appreciated.

TODDLERS – This age group is tricky. It doesn’t take much for a toddler to pull down a Christmas Tree or knock over breakable items. Consider hiring a teen or two to help with this age. Have some crafts available to keep them occupied. If you have a separate room with a TV, perhaps putting on a toddler-approved movie is a good idea. Again, having a teen available to assist can be a great help. Goody Bags are loved by kids and will help keep them occupied.

PRE-TEENS AND TEENS – With this age you need to be aware of the alcohol that’s in your house. You’ll likely have wine bottles, beer and/or hard liquor out and unsupervised. It’s tempting for a kid to want to taste or drink some. Think about appointing several adults to watch to be sure kids don’t sneak any alcohol. Depending on the laws in your state, you could be held liable if an underage child consumes alcohol at your house. You also don’t want to lose friends over this.

A table set up with board games would be a nice addition. Kids love playing board games. You could ask the kids to bring their own if you don’t have any.

If it’s nice weather, they might want to go outside to hang out. If you have outdoor furniture, be sure it’s set up so they can be comfortable. What are your thoughts about teens roaming around the neighborhood? You’ll want to sent boundaries and let the families know.

With any party serving alcohol, be aware of the adult consumption as well. Have the number of a local taxi company and make sure Uber and Lyft are available in your area. Don’t hesitate to arrange a ride for a friend who has had a little too much.

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