Homemade Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

What better way to bond with kids than to make a homemade Halloween costume together? Here are some ideas:

Fairy Godmother

Long ago and far away there once was a mom who wished that a Halloween costume could be designed with the wave of a wand. Her wish is granted. For the ones who like fairy tales, yet have a desire to do something different than the typical princess costume, then search no further. This enchanted and easy disguise will require star-shaped stickers, a tutu, silver garland, and a headband. Of course, all fairy godmothers need wings—create some wings out of the base of a cake box, ribbon, and coffee filters. To complete the look, add tights.


What is blaahk, fluffy, and white all over? A sweet lamb. This snuggly costume is both cozy and comfortable, which is ideal for a cool Halloween evening. You will have to have a long-sleeved shirt, plenty of cotton balls, and leggings to complete this disguise. The costume’s “hooves” are simply strips of black tape that is attached to the pant legs and sleeves. Plus, do not forget about the ears: Just attach a couple of pieces of black felt to a hat or cap. For the shoes, your child can dress in canvas slip-ons or white sneakers.

Rainbow Fish

This vibrant costume is simple to create. Its “scales” are merely flattened cupcake liners within various colors that are glued to a sweatshirt. While gluing, layer all cupcake liners over one another, row upon row, to emphasize the effect of the scales. For the hat, just cut up a ping pong ball in half then color it using a black marker. Add both halves to the upper part of a red cap then simply attach more liners.

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