How to Throw an Amazing Pool Party

A pool party is a staple of fun in the summer. It has the ability to tie into a certain holiday or event, like a birthday party. Or a pool party may be held for no reason other than to cool off from the scorching heat. Consider the following tips before you send your invitations out:

The Pool

You, of course, will have to have a pool to host your pool party. However, this does not necessarily mean that you have to have one inside your backyard. It’s also possible to plan your pool party at your local YMCA or a pool club. But, backyard pool parties often are the most convenient.

Be certain that you have a few pool toys available to enhance your fun. Flotation devices, volleyballs, as well as water guns are great ideas. Just do not overload your pool with too many objects or guests will not have enough room to swim.


Swimming is great exercise, and odds are guests are going to build up quite an appetite after they swim. But, you do not want to have foods which will be too heavy inside the stomach. Lighter foods like fruits and vegetables, finger sandwiches, dip and crackers include better ideas. Reserve all the greasy food, such as hamburgers or pizza, for your next backyard BBQ or another event.


As you plan your pool party, you will need to consider safety. Prepare to have one or two people who are going to be responsible for lifeguard tasks.


Prepare on activities which may happen in or out of the water. Swimming pool staples like Marco Polo, diving for rings, and volleyball always are great ideas. Set a badminton net up, music, water balloon toss and additional entertainment outside the swimming pool so that there’ll be a good time all around.

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