The Emoji Movie: See it or Skip it?

If only my review of the movie could include an emoji with a frowning face. Its laboriously literal plot regards the emoji “Meh”, who’s “defective” because of his ability of expressing a plethora of emotions beyond his assigned role. To fix the defect, Meh teams up with a lowly high five emoji, who’s been replaced with the hipper, newer fist bump emoji within the hall of favorites. Collectively they escape the messaging application they call home upon a dream logic adventure to discover a “hacker” who is able to take them to the “cloud” then fix his defect. Along their journey, they pass through a sequence of familiar applications as a group of anti-virus bots follows them in hot pursuit. During some point, the movie comes to a complete stop for a quick game of Candy Crush.

There’s a shorthand, mumbled moral about remaining true to oneself in all this; however, it’s drowned out by its wall-to-wall cynicism that’s The Emoji Movie’s whole reason for existence in the first place. This movie runs through a list of Zeitgeist and corporate awareness obligations within dead eyed lockstep, and makes certain to get in uses of the terms “shade” and “slay” and lifting a whole segment of the lyrics to “Diamonds” by Rihanna to telegraph a wanna-be critical emotional beat. Within the end, his embrace of his multi-faceted, animated self comes off as an advertisement for an Emoji Movie animated sticker set that probably is already in existence.

Check out the movie trailer here:

Did you see The Emoji Movie? What are your thoughts?

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