Tips for Throwing a Wicked Halloween Bash

You might’ve ceased in going trick-or-treating when you began middle school, yet in college, Halloween can be exciting once again! Absolutely, on campus, there are theme parties each weekend of the year; however, nothing will beat a wicked Halloween bash. If you are considering throwing a celebration of your own yet are not certain how to begin planning, here are some tips:

Select a certain theme – or not

If you and your college roommates simply want to allow your guests to have complete creative freedom, do not assign a costume-based theme—merely choose music and decorations which set the tone and make you thrilled to celebrate Halloween!

Make use of decorations in order to set the tone

No party will be complete without some decorations; therefore, stock up on scary Halloween supplies.

Add some extras

Party favors such as splat eyeballs and small pumpkins make fantastic table decorations. Skeleton hand clappers and other halloween decorations take your bash to a whole new level!

Make use of some decorations outdoors, as well

If you are in an apartment or dorm, that can be a bit tricky since you do not want unwelcomed visitors crashing your bash; however, even simply a few inflatable zombies, tombstones or spiders are going to do the trick to get guests into a party mood before walking through the door. Your guests will have tons of fun playing with a Spider Ring Toss Game.

No party will be complete without food

While you definitely should provide basics such as chips and soda, place out some Halloween-themed foods in order to add more excitement to your party.

Do not forget your killer playlist

If you are using a movie theme, you definitely should play some memorable tunes from the soundtrack, yet mix it up a bit with Halloween tracks, as well. Halloween songs such as the Ghostbusters theme and “Monster Mash” should be a must, yet do not be afraid of thinking outside the box.

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