Why is Outdoor Play Good for Children?

From watching TV to playing on iPads, kids tend to be spending an increasing amount of time inside. This increase in numbers of kids spending a predominate quantity of time indoors has led to a number of studies being published that highlight the negative impact it’s having on their development and health. Research, at the same time, also has found that there are several benefits to kids playing outside, here are four of those benefits:


Playing outdoors helps kids develop their learning abilities. By placing educational equipment outside, kids are soon learning through play– a fun method of helping kids learn new skills and information. As well as this, outside learning will encourage kids to imagine learning as a continual process rather than simply something done inside a classroom. Playground games are great for the summer. People love the old-time aspect of them.


Outside play is fantastic for encouraging a child’s creativity. Away from the confinement and constraints of inside play, being outdoors children’s imaginations often are stimulated by the things around them and they’ll rapidly tap into their creativity.


There will include a number of health benefits to playing outdoors. With more room to play, kids often are more active while outdoors, helping them to build good fitness levels and strong bones, while additionally allowing them to burn off additional calories and energy. As well as this, being within the sunshine, even in the winter, means kids naturally absorb critical vitamin D, a lack of which may cause Rickets.

Social skills

Usually, as outside spaces are less crowded than inside, it’s less intimidating and assists children in naturally coming out of their shells and becoming more social. That means that kids are going to more willing to join in activities and games, while they also will be more likely to speak with different kids and make new friends.

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